Finally feeling healthy

Over the past 2 years, I’ve been struggling with high blood pressure.  WHY? I don’t know.  It seems the doctors nowadays want to place you on medication if you have high blood pressure.  They don’t want to find the “root cause” and fix it.   I’ve been on benazepryl,  some other one Divan.  The side effects were horrible. So I took myself off of them and each day was a struggle to wake up and live.  My chest felt like I had somebody sitting on me.  I didn’t realize just how bad I was feeling. 

A few weeks ago, I kept having bloody noses, and so I went into urgent care to see if the Doc there could cauterize the inside of my nose.  Sure enough they did.  AND put me on a diuretic.   Essentially a water pill.  I can’t tell you the night and day difference in how I feel. I am MORE energetic. I don’t feel lethargic anymore.  Its SO nice to feel so good.  I sleep at night too.  Which is very shocking! lol 

So now after 2 years of trying to bring my BP down, I’m at 128/84.  THAT is better than I have been in quite some time.  My BP has been insanely high for too long and I am glad I took action ( after my husband threatened me! haha).  

Now on to the pesky allergies……

About Kori Linae

I am a musician. I play piano, keyboards and native american flute. I compose music to express my journey in the hopes I can help you with your journey! I love the ocean, walking and reading. Peace in Music.. is my mantra.
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