Reviews of “The Gathering”.

“The Gathering” has been receiving rave reviews, this album has also reached number one on the ZMR Charts for August. I am honored and humbled to have my song “Carpe Diem”, on this album with 22 hand picked musicians as well. My thanks to Will Ackerman for seeing my value as a musician. Here is one of many reviews that I will be posting. It was written by Michael Diamond. Please feel free to share with your friends!

The Gathering – Produced by Will Ackerman Review by Michael Diamond.

Gift it as a gift to your friends and family.. I’m sure they will LOVE you even more!!

Buy “The Gathering”

Peace in Music,


About Kori Linae

I am a musician. I play piano, keyboards and native american flute. I compose music to express my journey in the hopes I can help you with your journey! I love the ocean, walking and reading. Peace in Music.. is my mantra.
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