Well, here I am writing yet another blog entry. A year too long I am thinking. Almost a year ago I killed my ankle.. and gee what have I been doing since then?

Kori at the beach!

Kori at the beach!

school year was nuts, kids are getting older, time with husband and kids ( THIS is a GREAT thing), waaaay too many social media sites I am on and finally getting rid of the extra baggage! Keeping my important social media and renewing the WordPress page as my goal. Rehearsing all the new music, recording a new album, trying to get the album ready for marketing and promotion. It won’t happen until next year. True I had said it was ready ( and its shipping to me as I type this).. but there were some un-foreseen circumstances have pushed the album’s release into sometime 2015. I am NOT announcing the date as I will jinx it like I did earlier in July. Looking into a tour on the west coast.

Working at Imaginary Road Studios in April 2014

Working at Imaginary Road Studios in April 2014

PledgeMusic.com was the biggest thing to happen at the end of the summer 2013. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how may people came to help be producers with the album…. funding. Its still there to help with the marketing part of the album. We still have 2 weeks to continue to get your pledge in! Check it out:

PledgeMusic.com: Fire in the Rainstorm

Thank you for your support, and for taking the time to read my thoughts!



About Kori Linae

I am a musician. I play piano, keyboards and native american flute. I compose music to express my journey in the hopes I can help you with your journey! I love the ocean, walking and reading. Peace in Music.. is my mantra.
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One Response to A little overdue doncha think?

  1. Steve says:

    Listening to Fire in the Rainstorm!!! Fantastic!!!!


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