New Orleans

Fire in the Rainstorm was nominated for the ZMR category 2015 Best Solo Album – Piano.  album cover

This is voted by worldwide organic radio and internet broadcasters.  We waited for months for May to come. My man and I flew to New Orleans because that is where the Awards Show is each year.  It was so awesome to meet new friends, as well as seeing old friends.  We went to the Vacherie to a meet and greet dinner on Friday night. This is where the “Z Tribe” meet and chat and reacquaint ourselves with each other. It is SO fantastic! Then Saturday Don and I spent the day roaming the city.  In the afternoon I got my hair and makeup done.

Robin and Kori

Robin Spielberg and Kori – Photo by Larry Kosson

I kind of think next time I will go with how I usually do my makeup.  There was too much on me and I really didn’t like it as much as I thought I would. Then we got dressed up and went to the awards show. The music was beautiful and all the hard work that Daryl Portier and Ben Dugas – and staff paid off.  As the time to announce the winner in our category, I was nervous and excited. POOF – We did not take home the award, Fiona Joy won it. I will say that being nominated in the Solo Piano category is a HUGE honor. It was hard work, but totally worth the blood, sweat and tears.  I was nominated along with:  Fiona Joy, David Nevue, Michele McLaughlin and Robin Spielberg.  All very talented individuals in their own right and I consider them my friends.  They are ALL good people.

Someone asked me if I was ok after the awards.   I said I was fine, and I didn’t record and release that album to gain an award. Sure I would have been really excited if we won. I say “We” because it was an effort for all of the contributors to release the album.  My Graphics Artist team, my photographer, Imaginary Road.  Will Ackerman and Tom Eaton. My family, my friends and fans.  We ALL worked hard to get to where I am today.  I could not have done this without you all.


Working at Imaginary Road Studios in April 2014

After the show, Don and I were fried.  Normally,  I would have hung out in the lobby with everyone, but being up at 4:30am previously – I was extremely exhausted. Don had to get up early to fly back home on Sunday. I had a few days left, which I had so much fun roaming around the city. I am a huge NCIS and NCIS: New Orleans fan, so walking around the city we recognized where they have filmed was fun.  My favorite find though, was an amazing bookstore. Crescent City Books.  I could have spent hours there. Below are various photos.. and of course my fav – the bookstore! haha!

Here is one of the many street musicians we heard:

Street Musicians

Just FYI… newly updated website has been launched!


Until next time – Peace in Music…



About Kori Linae

I am a musician. I play piano, keyboards and native american flute. I compose music to express my journey in the hopes I can help you with your journey! I love the ocean, walking and reading. Peace in Music.. is my mantra.
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