So its been a while since I posted anything.  Not because I couldn’t.. because of time.  With the release of FIRE IN THE RAINSTORM, I’ve been extremely busy.In July, FIRE IN THE RAINSTORM hit number two on the Top 100 ZMR International Radio Airplay.  What an AWESOME trip that was!  There is some outstanding music on that chart as well.  We were quite proud of that!

Photo by Jason Wallis Photography

Photo by Jason Wallis Photography

  1. July, FIRE IN THE RAINSTORM hit number two on the Top 100 ZMR International Radio charts. 
  2. August FIRE IN THE RAINSTORM hit number three on the ZMR Charts again.
  3. I am planning 2016/2017 Western US Tour
  4. Planning out videos for monthly release
  5. Planning out a merchandise line – Peace in Music
  6. Submitted FIRE IN THE RAINSTORM to the 58th Grammys® !!
  7. Joined Western Arts Alliance or WAA – LOTS of research in the next year
  8. Listening to a TON of artists entering the 58th Grammys®
  9. Porting my website over to WordPress!

That is just a nutshell to what I’ve been doing. I could go ON and on and on.. but I won’t bore you!

Have a fabulous weekend!

Peace in Music..


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Pick your Perk…

When I wrote the music for FIRE IN THE RAINSTORM, I had many influences that helped create the beautiful songs you will hear on the album. Environmental, animals, close friends, pain, happiness, love and peace.  I asked for help to get me into Imaginary Road Studios to record the album, and WOW did you guys help!!!  WHAT an AMAZING thing that was.  This album means so much more to me than I can express in words.

I come to you now to ask you for more help to continue this album on its journey. You are my collaborators, muses and patrons. The dream is to share this music worldwide.  To do that, I come to you again for your help.. whether you can contribute $1, $10 or $15, anything helps! You can pick your perk!  You can say to your friends and family – that you are part of something AMAZING, and its TRUE!

Thank you for all you do…

Kori at the beach!

Kori at the beach!

To contribute click:

Fire in the Rainstorm

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Feel the Fire…

Feel the Fire..

So many generous souls in this world.  I want to thank all of you that helped “Fire in the Rainstorm” in its creation. Those that donated items, and your time.. you really made an impression on me.  There are no words in the spoken word to truly tell you what your generosity felt to me.  Without you.. Fire in the Rainstorm would not be.
Now the work comes to marketing and promotion.  LOTS of things to do. Videos, interviews, reviews, of course radio promotion.
Working at Imaginary Road Studios in April 2014

Working at Imaginary Road Studios in April 2014

I’m feeling the burn…. are you?

Stay tuned…Imaginary Road Studios

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Why I chose solo…



A few years ago, I started writing music that I did not hear any extra sounds, like I normally do.  Most of you know that I do love instrumental music with the piano as its primary instrument.  However, Fire in the Rainstorm was not to be instrumental. It was a choice I made because of personal experiences.  It is the most personal album to date.  It is just me and the piano.  Telling you in a musical solo piano way that I have made mistakes. That I experienced loss, sorrow and pain. My heart is still in that recording.  You can hear it when you listen.

We may not being going through the exact things in life, but we experience the same feelings of loss, sorrow, love, happiness, darkness, light, failure and success! Music expresses this on many levels.  I cannot make you listen to that – but I hope that some of you will.  My hopes are to create more music, based on my life, environmental experiences, friends, family, movies, books and people I watch from afar.

I wanted to do something different. I was told that it would be hard. Yes it was.  The most difficult experience I’ve ever gone through. I am still going through life and I still am experiencing difficult things.   I’ve had new friends cross my path that made a huge impact in my life, and then only to sail on away from them.  That hurts.. it hurts to let go. I’ve had to let go. Its painful – but there is freedom in letting go.

“Letting go gives us freedom, and freedom is the only condition for happiness. If, in our heart, we still cling to anything – anger, anxiety, or possessions – we cannot be free.”  Thich Nhat Hanh

This is why I compose. I know there is someone out there listening for help. Music is the most expressive of all languages. It is universal it is how we can connect with one another. Music transcends the barriers between you and I.

Thank you for enduring with me, for being amazing fans and friends.  Please come and join us as we continue on this journey.  You can be a part of it – Peace in Music.

More to come…. klc


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New Orleans

Fire in the Rainstorm was nominated for the ZMR category 2015 Best Solo Album – Piano.  album cover

This is voted by worldwide organic radio and internet broadcasters.  We waited for months for May to come. My man and I flew to New Orleans because that is where the Awards Show is each year.  It was so awesome to meet new friends, as well as seeing old friends.  We went to the Vacherie to a meet and greet dinner on Friday night. This is where the “Z Tribe” meet and chat and reacquaint ourselves with each other. It is SO fantastic! Then Saturday Don and I spent the day roaming the city.  In the afternoon I got my hair and makeup done.

Robin and Kori

Robin Spielberg and Kori – Photo by Larry Kosson

I kind of think next time I will go with how I usually do my makeup.  There was too much on me and I really didn’t like it as much as I thought I would. Then we got dressed up and went to the awards show. The music was beautiful and all the hard work that Daryl Portier and Ben Dugas – and staff paid off.  As the time to announce the winner in our category, I was nervous and excited. POOF – We did not take home the award, Fiona Joy won it. I will say that being nominated in the Solo Piano category is a HUGE honor. It was hard work, but totally worth the blood, sweat and tears.  I was nominated along with:  Fiona Joy, David Nevue, Michele McLaughlin and Robin Spielberg.  All very talented individuals in their own right and I consider them my friends.  They are ALL good people.

Someone asked me if I was ok after the awards.   I said I was fine, and I didn’t record and release that album to gain an award. Sure I would have been really excited if we won. I say “We” because it was an effort for all of the contributors to release the album.  My Graphics Artist team, my photographer, Imaginary Road.  Will Ackerman and Tom Eaton. My family, my friends and fans.  We ALL worked hard to get to where I am today.  I could not have done this without you all.


Working at Imaginary Road Studios in April 2014

After the show, Don and I were fried.  Normally,  I would have hung out in the lobby with everyone, but being up at 4:30am previously – I was extremely exhausted. Don had to get up early to fly back home on Sunday. I had a few days left, which I had so much fun roaming around the city. I am a huge NCIS and NCIS: New Orleans fan, so walking around the city we recognized where they have filmed was fun.  My favorite find though, was an amazing bookstore. Crescent City Books.  I could have spent hours there. Below are various photos.. and of course my fav – the bookstore! haha!

Here is one of the many street musicians we heard:

Street Musicians

Just FYI… newly updated website has been launched!


Until next time – Peace in Music…


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You just gotta go outside and play! What are you gonna do?



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Spasmodic What?

Most of you are aware that I am battling on a daily basis with a neurological vocal disorder.  It is called Spasmodic Dysphonia.  This post is for those that are suffering from it, and feel helpless AND for those that don’t have it that want to be informed. There IS hope!

What is it?  Its annoying, life altering/changing, strange.  Of course I would have the gene that makes my vocal muscles/nerves spaz and when I talk. Strange is my mantra!  I sound like I am 100 years old. The vowels of E and A are the worst to pronounce.

There are many in this nation and around the world that suffer from this.  Most tend to drop from the social scene because talking in a large group makes it VERY difficult. Our voices become rough and soft and we cannot raise our voices in loud places.  Talking on the phone is a trial!

Some become recluses because of the ignorance of people that don’t have it ridicule us or talk over us.

What is the solution? Is there a cure?  There is no cure at this time and there are fixes that can help.  Some people get surgery to fix it. I don’t want to do it because imho, its very risky.  I’d rather take have a “doctor give me a pill and it grew me new vocal chord nerves or fixed them non-invasively”. There are botox injections right into the vocal chords, to help calm down the larger vocal muscles.

I am one that gets botox injections straight into my vocal chords, which helps tremendously.  Were it not for these injections, talking would be non existent for me. Yes it is THAT bad!

Scott Adams (Dilbert cartoonist) has this condition – he had surgery.  Diane Rehm – The Diane Rehm Show is also another iconic celebrity set to go off the air later on this year.  She was diagnosed with Spasmodic Dysphonia.

My goal is to help those in the OC/LA area by setting up a support group here to help others that suffer from this crazy condition.

Remember, everyone is struggling with something. Judging others when you have no idea what is going on with them, is extremely bad form.  Remember that before you open your mouth to criticize them.

For more information about Spasmodic Dysphonia check out the National Spasmodic Dysphonia Association here:    NSDA


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Going down the Rabbit Hole..

Here is something interesting: 

I am getting ready to update all of my music software and leaving behind products too!

I have to say my favorite music software is Reason by Propellerhead.  In all of the years I have been using this product, they have been the most helpful by far when I have had reason8-500x500_1.png.360x360_q95problems, glitches.  Their whole way of doing business should be a model for all of the other companies out there.


Why do I say this?  I say it because I purchased Omnisphere by Spectrasonics, and their support really pales in comparison.  Maybe as a new user I paled by comparison.. but I will tell you every time I contacted them, I never received proper help/support I needed. Which made me sad because I ended up trashing a $500 product because of this.  I could never get it to work.  It should not be that hard to help a new user.  Leaving that program behind won’t be a problem for me.   Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

I will be purchasing Ivory Italian Grands II to add to my list of music soivory2-italgrand-rftware. I am very excited about this! I need lots of versatility when I am working and this will give me that. Besides.. it sounds so hot/amazing… makes me feel like I am actually playing a beautiful Fazioli.

I will be going down the Rabbit Hole for my next item I am purchasing: podcasting hardware. I want to create podcast showcasing music that I love, my music, friends music, and those that promote it via internet, organic radio and talk about the latest tech in music. It’s called the Peace in Music program. Interviews too.. what fun will that be?!!!

I hope you watch this space and my YouTube channel because I will be posting everything video and audio there.

TTFN!  ( Ta Ta For Now )


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This is Ground Control to Major Tom

I am a child of the 80s rock scene – glam, pop, classic rock, some metal ( yeah I know weird, I write New Age music with a bit of an edge but yeah..).   I loved everything that came out of the music scene back then. I bought records from The Fixx, Tears for Fears, The Police, Michael Jackson, everything.. including David Bowie.

One of the many albums of his that I loved the most was “Lets Dance” album he released in 1983. It has been remastered since then, and it sounds pretty good.  I wore out my cassette tape of it.  Modern Love, Let’s Dance ( title track), China Girl…  I also loved Space Oddity , who didn’t?   When Labyrinth came out, of course I saw it. There is something about that movie. He recorded 5 songs that showed up on the album for the movie. Did you know it was a box office failure, and yet years later there is a huge cult following. I still love the movie.

Space Oddity

While writing this I am listening to his music and there is a playlist on YouTube, that shows the diversity of his musical creativity.  “Fame”.. reading the comments on YouTube is so great.. what everyone is saying. I’m laughing, crying and reminiscing.  My heart has always been open to his creativity, and it hurts that he is gone.  Yeah I know, I was not a close friend of his, and yet this loss has left me in an very emotional state of being.

What I am most shocked about, is that his birthday was on the 8th and he passed out of this mortal life 2 days later.  I think that most of us did not know he had cancer. I certainly had no idea.  I’m not in his inner circle so how would I know?

All I can say is.. I’m grateful that he lived the best way he knew how. I am grateful that he shared his musical soul with us.

Take care Major Tom…

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Whats up in 2016?

While 2015 was not my best year, I am grateful to be moving forward.  I am grateful for my friends and fans for the encouragement in my lowest points in 2015. I was all over the map emotionally.  I suppose that is just a part of the journey of life. I am grateful that I can FEEL, and Love is a part of my life..  I  choose to share my heart with my lover, and my best friend, my man – Don.  We’ve gone through many dark times, great times, sad times – and we managed to stay married. Interestingly enough, we are coming up on our 25th year of marriage in September 2016. Which is a miracle – I am one extremely lucky and blessed woman!

I am thankful for YOU:  those of you that have financially contributed to FIRE IN THE RAINSTORM. We’ve done some amazing things together.  Now the fun stuff is just beginning.  As most of you may or may not know, the album was listed in the ZMR ( terrestrial radio worldwide) Top 100 Recordings in 2015 coming at #10.  I could NOT have done this without all of you.  Many good things are coming.


Steinway in studio

Imaginary Road Studios, VT


Am I always happy-go-lucky? Not always.. its rare that I feel down. But for the last few months I have been feeling a bit low. Everything is getting hard, financially, promotionally, marketing wise.  I feel like I’ve been in molasses for the past few months. I’ve been frustrated, discouraged because I have felt like I’ve hit a wall.  Barely hanging on.. have you ever felt that way?   Read on….

When I set out in 2004 to accomplish my dreams – of composing, recording and releasing my music I knew it was going to be HARD work. Lately, I have realized that I did not jump into this with my eyes closed. All of this work is part of the growth process. Just now while writing, I see it as growing pains.  I can’t quit because things are hard! I have to keep walking my path. There is a light I can see, that I need to stay the course and focused.  I have also realized that I need to change up the way I do things. I need to make sure I am happy with what I am doing.  The first thing I need to do is focus on performing locally. This means that I must concentrate on performing in the Southern Californian/Arizonan/ area.  I should have been doing that in the beginning.  I have done this backwards!

Corona Del Mar Photo by Jason Wallis Photography H


The next incredible step in this journey is filled with extremely hard work. Is it out of my comfort zone? .. you bet it is.  I need to stay focused and strong and not distracted. This means more organization, and scheduling videos, blogs, all my social media time on a schedule so that I am using my time wisely. I am also looking to have my own podcast show too in 2016!

twitter-icon         youtube_video_graphic     facebook-logo    podcast1

What has helped?  YOU!!! Everyone one of you!  I’ve seen and been the recipient of countless reviews, people sharing my music with their friends.

Did you know that every time someone buy my albums, its goes into making more music! 

album cover

The last month or so, I’ve been receiving incredibly inspiring encouragement from you all. I am SO grateful. I know I am not alone on my path.  I know you are there as my cheering section.  For that I am SO incredibly thankful for you. 


Thank you!

May you ALL have a wonderful New Year! May you also have peace, love and a successful 2016!!! 


Photo by Vaclav Volrab


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